Attention Stage Magicians
Modern Art, Floating Table, Origami, Snow, Armbreaker, Sub Trunk, Fire Spiker, Smash-n-Stab or Dancing Hanky then you are a Magic Clone
Do you wear sunglasses on stage, a black coat like they wear in The Matrix or that open-blue-shirt-black-pants combo David Copperfield used in his last special? Then you ARE a Magic Clone!
Why is being a magic clone bad?

1.	It’s just really un-imaginative, there’s hundreds of thousands of really great stage effects and illusions out there; enough for every act to have a completely unique show; being a clone means you’re just too lazy to find something that better suits you. I’ll bet all the magicians that inspire & excite you all do unique or unusual effects?
2.	It looses you money and drives down the industry – sure there’s a potential audience of millions for your show, but there’s a much smaller number of bookers who actually employ you. When they see 20 video’s all showing the SAME tricks, performed to the same music, doing the same jokes with the same about 10 years ago fashion & choreography they realise that no matter who they pick they’re going to basically get the same show…. So they choose who to book based on the one thing that differentiates all the acts; PRICE. They’ll choose the cheapest act and book them. Do you want to be booked because people love your act and want to see you; or because you were the cheapest person with the toys they want to see who happened to be free on that date?

By doing something different to everyone else you will make MORE MONEY (if bookers want to see an act like yours, they’ve got to book you & your fee isn’t being compared to 20 other people with the same show!) plus you will inspire other magicians in the same way as you were inspired when you saw something different. - They don’t just design GREAT illusions and special effects, they can re-write your act to make it exciting and original (they’ve written for hundreds of stage & TV shows) they can help  you come up with amazing, magical & unique routines that showcase your personality and make your show unforgettable - they’ve created material for everything from Theme Parks to the West End Stage, Holiday resorts to 70,000 seat arenas, Circus Shows & Cruise Ships! 

Best of all because they’re completely independent they’ll always advise you on what’s the right trick, prop or routine for you; not try and sell you the latest toy they’ve already sold to 100 of your competitors!

Check out their website, drop them an email and find out how you can avoid being a Magic Clone!
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